Senjo - Modern Martial Arts Grading

Black Dragon Kai Senjo.
Modern Martial Arts Grading
Young Dragons Gradings
Junior Dragons Grading

Beaudesert Dojo - 49 Hart Street Beaudesert


Junior Dragons
8:45am Registration | 9:00am Grading commences

Young Dragons
10:00am Registration | 10:15am Grading commences

Modern Martial Arts
White Belts / Black Stripe to Blue Belt / Black Stripe Grading
Black Belt Grading

11:15am Registration | 11:30am Grading commences

Purple Belt / White Stripe to Brown Belt / Black Stripe Grading
Youth Black Belt

8:30am Arrive | 9:00am Assist in Gradings
12:30am Registration | 12:45pm Grading commences

Black Belt Dan Gradings
8:30am Arrive | 9:00am Assist in Gradings
8:45am Registration | Commences at different times

$60 - Student Gradings
$90 - Purple Belt / Black Stripe & Above
$120 - Youth Black Belt Gradings
$180 - Black Belt & Dan Gradings

Uniform, Sparring Equipment & Water

Ensure you drink plenty of fluid in the days leading up to the grading and that you have permission to grade.

Also note any students that would like to arrive early and help set up the mats for the grading at 8:00am will be greatly appreciated.

Venue:Black Dragon Kai Beaudesert
Venue Address:49 Hart Street Beaudesert Qld 4285
Starting:8:00 AM
Sunday 28th March 2021
Ending:3:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1800 111 936

Senjo - Modern Martial Arts Grading