Black Dragon Kai Combat Systems

What is now Black Dragon Kai began in July 1993 by Geordie Lavers-McBain in Beaudesert Queensland.  Since that time, Black Dragon Kai Combat Systems has continued to improve and evolve to offer the most up to date and relevant techniques, theories and training methodologies.

As time has gone on, Black Dragon Kai has gone through many evolutions and changes, always striving to improve not only the competitive athlete's performance but also enhance the non-competitive students experiences as well. This journey is not yet complete and you will be sure to notice one or two changes yourself as time goes by, as it is important for you to always try to improve, so to it is important for Black Dragon Kai to always to aim to improve as a system.

There are many Black Dragon Kai Locations throughout Australia, please feel free to drop in and train whenever you are in the area. The idea is to be able to train like an individual but get the support of a team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get more information on Black Dragon Kai?
For more information, you can read our Black Dragon Kai Blog, watch video clips on our You Tube channel or go to the official Black Dragon Kai Facebook page. Or feel free to come in and get to know us personally at one of our locations.

Q. Is there a difference between learning at Black Dragon Kai and learning at other clubs?
We stand by our reputation as the one of the best martial arts systems in Australasia. At Black Dragon Kai, you can expect the highest quality martial arts instruction. The Black Dragon Kai Instructor Team is headed by Geordie Lavers-McBainwho holds 15 Black Belts in different styles of Martial Arts(Including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and an International Champion Competitor. If you demand the best, then Black Dragon Kai is for you.

Q. What about children?
Our Children's Program is designed to teach your child about self-discipline, achievement, confidence, and self-defense. We also believe training in martial arts is a great way to help your child develop life-skills such as work ethic, discipline, confidence, and more. Come and check out a kids class to see what it's all about!

Q. Could martial arts influence my child to be too aggressive?
At Black Dragon Kai children (and parents) learn that martial arts is not an act of violence, but the art of how to handle one's self in a difficult situation.

Aggressive behavior is channeled into positive energy to increase the child's self esteem and build discipline and character. Self Discipline and Self Control are a big part of training with us, and so is understanding when self defence is required and when it is not.

Q. Is there an age limit?
Each centre teaches different classes for different age groups based on their year at school. Our most comprehensive centres teach separate classes for Kindy & Prep, Grade 1 & 2, Grade 3 & 4, Grades 5-7 and Adult/Teen classes. Check the Timetable of the centre closest to you anc check what classes are available there.

Q. Can parents train with their kids.
As a general rule no, if children are below the age of 13 they cannot train in the adult classes. This is to ensure that the children are learning appropriate techniques and have others their size in which to practice with. It is also to ensure that the adults training is practiced and taught in a mature environment and any partner work can be fully participated in. Children and adults learn and practice in a different way and we aim to teach our students in the most effective and efficient manner.

Q. Do women and girls train with Black Dragon Kai?
Yes! Some of our best martial artists & World Champions are female. Because Black Dragon Kai's philosophy is to teach the most practical and efficient martial arts techniques, age, size and gender are irrelevant, so our programs suit women and children, not just adult males.

Q. What are the Black Dragon Kai classes like?
Come down and see them for yourself! Black Dragon Kai has the highest standards of excellence and our classes are dedicated to your fun, fitness, self-defense, and well-being. At Black Dragon Kai, we believe in creating a relaxed friendly training environment. Our classes are high energy with plenty of sweat and fun.

Q. Can I try the classes before I sign up as a member?
Yes! In fact, we encourage you to take a complimentary week of classes. You should definitely test-drive the Black Dragon Kai experience before committing to it. Click Here to book your complimentary Week of Classes or call us on 1800 111 936.

Q. Is it safe?
Yes! At Black Dragon Kai, our #1 priority is SAFETY. We make it as safe as any other active sport like running, basketball, or tennis. By creating a safe environment and creating well-structured programs we focus on risk minimization. Of course, accidents can happen (just as in any other active sport), but they are quite rare. You will not experience any contact unless you want it AND our instructors approve your request based on your skill level.

Q. Do I need to be fit to join?
No. At Black Dragon Kai, our focus is to help you achieve your personal goals. Whether it is to lose 10 kilos, to learn self-defence, to compete in martial arts, or to attain a low body fat level, we will help you by pushing you to your own personal limits! We teach everyone from complete beginners to professional fighters.

Q. Must I compete in Tournaments?
The answer is No you will compete only if you want to compete. In fact even though Black dragon Kai has produced many champions the majority of our students do not compete but train to improve themselves. But if you want to compete you must be trained to specifically for competition so we have a special class for competitors.

Not everyone trains to compete so this is an individual choice, that's why we cater for everyone and everyone has a different expectation.

Come and try Black Dragon Kai for yourself and family we are only a phone call away change your life today come and try your first week of training at no cost.