Modern Martial Arts

Practical Self Defence

Modern Martial Arts is the most complete system of Martial Arts. It combines the most effective concepts of Self Defence, Combat and Art into one system. Developed by Geordie Lavers-McBain (Kaiso) holder of 27 Black Belts and 10 Instructor Qualifications in programs that do not use belts. Modern Martial Arts is an ever evolving system that strives to provide its students with the most effective and up to date training methodologies & curriculum.

Included in the system is defensive techniques, strikes, throws, grappling, weaponry, scenario training, multiple opponent, strategy & life skills. If you are looking for an effective complete martial art, look no further, Black Dragon Kai Modern Martial Arts is the standard by which others will be judged.

Below is a list of the Ranks and Titles our members have achieved in Modern Martial Arts


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