Jissen Budo

Jissen Budo is a combat sport that combines punches, kicks, knees, elbows, throws and ground fighting; as well as a number of close quarters techniques that are often illegal in other forms of competition.

Jissen Budo evolved into a separate martial art in 2019 and has been a long time coming to Australia and the rest of the world. Jissen Budo was founded by Shihan-Cho Paul Cale, Shihan Geordie Lavers-McBain, Shihan Darren Jordan & Shihan Mick Moloney as a way to practice a complete combat sport while wearing a martial arts uniform and limited rules. 

The combat sport of Jissen Budo is currently contested in over 20 Countries around the world, with a well organised and professional international tournament circuit.

The pace is fast with action aplenty, but safety is enhanced through highly trained referees, well conditioned athletes, sensible rules and, of course, the head gear. The world sanctioning body is Jissen Budo International.

This system is incorporated in the Modern Martial Arts Program, with options for students to grade in Jissen Budo whilst training in Modern Martial Arts.

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