Kids Wrestling

Our Kids Wrestling class is the place where furture Olympians will be created. Classes are fun, with a strong focus on helping kids enjoy their performance goals. The art of Wrestling is focussed on taking your opponent down, controlling them on the ground and pinning them. Warm ups are also fun with a gymnastics / acrobatic component, as well as bodyweight strength development. Advantages of the Black Dragon Kai Kids Wrestling Program are:

  • All Coaches are International Coach Qualified
  • Head Coach is former Australian National Female Coach
  • Produced multiple Australian Youth Champions
  • One of, if the countries most successful Youth team
  • Modern Scientific Training

Our coaches are of the highest calibre and are focussed on the development of creating future champions both on and off the mat. Wrestling is hard work, but it is worth it, as there are many oppurtunites to travel and compete - not to mention the benefits of instilling a strong work ethic early will helps kids as they become adults.

If you would like your child to experience the excitement and challenge of our classes, we invite you to book a trial session at no cost.