Kinetic Fighting

Through his ongoing work with the Australian Army the founder of Black Dragon Kai, Geordie Lavers-McBain has been awarded the highest level in combatives - Combatives Master Trainer (CMT). No more than a handful of soldiers hold this level. Geordie is the only Civilian to ever be awarded it, and is actively invloved in the Instructor development and continuation training of combatives for soldiers at the Army Combatives Centre located in 7th Brigade Enogerra. 

Geordie also teaches courses catered to civilians through Kinetic Fighting under Chief Master Trainer of Combatives Paul Cale (Founder of the Australian Army Combatives Program and former Special Forces Commando).

Kinetic FightingIntegrated Combat (KEFIC) is a system of mental and physical training, designed to instil a survival mindset while developing the skill sets to support it. In this and many other ways, it reflects the Australian Defence Force system to which it is aligned: the Army Combatives Program, or ACP.

KEFIC courses focus on principle-based learning to facilitate faster uptake and flexibility in application, so our trainees get the most value out of every short course. Our instructors' mission is to provide you with the framework and understanding needed to develop the skills taught, as well as your existing skill sets, for effective application in self-protection or on operational duty.

Kinetic Fighting was first developed to keep soldiers alive in war zones. So, even though the KEFIC program is tailored for use in an everyday setting under common law, the goal of the training is the same: survive, no matter what.

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Combative Master Trainer Geordie Lavers-McBain & Chief Master Trainer of Combatives Paul Cale at the Army Combatives Centre.

CMT Geordie & CMTC Paul with US Marines after teaching the Australian Army Combatives Program to our allies and exchanging information. CMT Geordie also completed the MCMAP Black Belt program during the time the Marines where training here.

Australian Army Combatives Sergeant Major Aaron Johnston & 7th Brigade Commander Brigadier Jason Blain presenting a plaque  to acknowledge the contribution CMT Geordie has made to combatives. The Plaque includes the personal unit badges from some of the soldiers (worn overseas) that CMT Geordie has taught.