"It is a pleasure to train with friendly courteous and professional people. It pleases me to see that any riff raff is sorted and dealt with accordingly, thus providing a safe stable facility for children and adults alike for learning and self-growth. Above all it is a lot of fun, which has multiple benefits. You can improve your fitness, gain life skills, confidence and make new friends. I fully recommend this dojo to families. This says it all 'Family Fun & Fitness'." - Steve Somerset

"We train hard but have fun doing it. Excellent training with good people." - Kerrie Andrews

"When my son joined he was not very confident in front of other people. He would rather stand back and say nothing than feel like a fool if he said the wrong thing. He now has extremely high confidence within himself and this was achieved after only being a member for one month." - Sue

"During the years that my son has been training with Geordie I have seen a huge change in my son. He has loads of confidence and energy. He loves Karate and I love bringing him to the classes.

I would strongly recommend Karate for their children as it has done so many good things for my son." - Alana Bellamy
"I have been a constant spectator of my children's (and now my husband's) martial arts accomplishments over the past 3 years. I am very happy with the way the club treats their members and can find no fault with the way my family are instructed. I also can tell that they are very happy with the level of training given." - Leanne O'Connor
"As a parent who has joined the Club and has three children training as well, it is reassuring to know the strong family values in the club." - Michael O'Connor

"This dojo has the ability to make everyone feel they are a part of "the family" from beginners to the more experienced. They let you train at "your" level not expecting you to train harder than you are able to. They support you in reaching your goals from start to finish. Overall just a great "family atmosphere."

"In today's world all women would benefit from doing any form of martial arts. I have found the combination of Karate + Muay Thai covers all areas of street fighting." - Jennie Clark

"Our son loves attending Junior Dragons at the Dojo. He has learnt so many new skills and his confidence has really improved since his first lesson." - M & J Sing

"I believe this club encourages the youth of today to interact with other people while keeping them safe, happy and off the streets. The discipline which is taught helps the kids to see another way of life away from drugs and alcohol.

Keep up the good work." - Michelle Greaves
"when my son first joined this dojo he was very shy & extremely un-coordinated, 12mths later he will lead a class & his balance & co-ordination has improved dramatically." - Michelle Courtney
"Jacob is very keen and practices all the time at home, he can't wait to come to class, receiving his belt & patches gives the kid a real boost in confidence.

"The weight loss class is great, I've lost about 8-10kg and 3 belt sizes, I couldn't be happier with the results in 3 months." - Craig Herbert

"I think Karate is fun and exciting" - Justin Needham

"I love Karate, because it is fun and enjoyable." - John Bellamy

"I'm happy with the way Brodi is progressing, Brodi is enjoying it. It has bought the confidence out in him, and I would like to thank Linda." - Donna Frost

"The instructors are very friendly & approachable. They are also extremely talented, focused, and knowledgeable." - Michael Cox

For more information call Black Dragon Kai now on 1800 111 936