Private martial arts classes for you
Private training with Black Dragon Kai offers all the benefits of our normal classes with extra one on one attention. Whether you need a little extra help, are looking to take your training or fitness to the next level, or need extra flexibility with class times, personal training may be just the ticket.


Times to suit you with experienced instructors
Black Dragon Kai private lessons are available early morning, during the day, evenings, and weekends, subject to Instructor availability. Our renowned team of qualified experienced martial arts Instructors can tailor a program to suit you, including video analysis, to help you towards your goals and accelerate your learning. Nothing beats dedicated one on one time with a great instructor.


Train at our World Class Centres
Private classes are available in our fully equipped, air conditioned and matted martial arts centre.


Learn a Specific Style or Train for Fitness - You Choose
You can learn martial arts, self-defence, weapons, restraints, grappling, striking, focus on flexibility and fitness, or a combination of everything! You decide! People of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness can benefit from private classes which are designed around you. Many people find early morning sessions a great way to start the day, and get their workout done before the interruptions of the day start. Whether early mornings are your thing, day times, or any other time, one of the great advantages of private classes, is that we work to your time table.


Free Private Lessons for Members
If you are on a Gold, Platinum or Diamond membership, don't forget to take advatage of your Free Private Lessons, and remember any additional privates lessons are heaviliy discounted.


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