Year Began Martial Arts: 1997

Nachi Masuda is a Senior Instructor at Jimboomba Black Dragon Kai and is the Wrestling Coach for the club. Nachi began wrestling under her father in Japan when she was a young girl. She went on to be ranked in the Top 10 Wrestlers of the World as a Junior and then continued to improve as a Senior. She was ranked number 2 in Japan which is considered as the strongest female wrestling nation on earth. The number 1 ranked wrestler in her division was Kaori Icho (the most successful wrestler in the history of the sport - 4 Olmpic Gold Medals &10 x World Champion).

This unfortunately meant Nachi could not represent Japan in the Olympics or World Championships as each country is only allowed to send 1 athlete to qualify. So Nachi travelled around the world for a little while and when she was in Australia she met Geordie & Jess Lavers-McBain. This lead to Nachi becoming Jess's training partner and a role as coach at Black Dragon Kai.

Nachi has a very big goal - she is determined to help make an Olympic Champion in Wrestling that will represent Australia and Black Dragon Kai.

Martial Arts Ranks

  • Ranked in the Top 10 Wrestlers in the World
  • Blue Belt - Modern Martial Arts
  • Green Belt - Sport MMA
  • Blue Belt - Brazlian Jiu Jitsu



  • Bachelor Degree in Teaching
  • Level 2 International Wrestling Coach (United World Wrestling)
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Working with Children - Blue Card



  • Black Dragon Kai Strongest Student of the Year 2021
  • Black Dragon Kai Wrestling Student of the Year 2019
  • Black Dragon Kai Best Single Performance 2021
  • 50+ Combat Matches Patch



Freestyle Wrestling

  • Ranked in the Top 10 Wrestlers in the World
  • Ranked #2 in Japan to Kaori Icho
  • Japanese Elite Wrestler
  • South East Asia Champion
  • 3 x Australian Champion
  • Australian Open Champion
  • Australian Golden Boots Champion
  • 3 x Girls Into Wrestling Open Champion
  • Wrestling Super Series Champion
  • Fastest Victory at Australian Championship 2019 (9 seconds)


SAW - Submission Arts Wrestling

  • Queensland Champion


Instructor at

JIMBOOMBA (est 1994)