Young Monkeys

School Grades 3 & 4

The Young Monkeys Program is designed as an introduction young kids in school grades 3 & 4 to the combat sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The classes are designed to be fun and engaging with the kids while teaching them the fundamental skills needed to become a Mixed Martial Artist. Classes include:

  • Structure Rotating Curriculum
  • Standing Techniques & Tactics
  • Clinching Techniques & tactics
  • Cage Techniques & Tactics
  • Ground Technqiues & Tactics

Our Young Monkeys Coaches are very experienced in MMA as well as the other broad range of martial arts that make up the cage sport, holding multiple black belts and comeptition expereince. All coaches are also government accreditiated as well as completed our comprehensive internal coaching program.

If you would like your child to experience the excitement and challenge of our classes, we invite you to book a trial session at no cost.